By Depressed - / Tuesday 17 May 2016 23:16 / United States - Collierville
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  Big_D_Real  |  12

Wait...why should her parents pay? If anyone should have to pay, it's the bratty girl who cancels an entire dance because she can't have her way. Parents have the right to say no to buying things for their kids. It's time to grow up now.

  screamogirl123  |  13

I totally agree. its not the parents fault their whiny little brat of a daughter called off the dance because of a dress. and they have a right to decide what dress she can or can not get unless she pays for it herself.

  usnwife  |  18

I really dont understand this FML. I dont see how any adult, teacher, principal, etc, would allow the dance to be called off for that. No way an entire school dance would be left just to the students so where the hell is the adult to step in? Is OP the adult in charge of the bratty kids who decided to cancel it and expect the OP to pay out for what they already did? If thats the case OP needs to man up and tell the kids to get over themselves and the dance is not cancelled... if thats not it, Im truly confused.

  andrmac  |  25

Well I'm pretty sure that the they will have to have the show go on with or without that girl. Schools don't/can't pay for cancelled services. Adults needs to now take over the problem and get it sorted out. If they do pay for cancellation then you can kiss the program goodbye cause that's where they will cut 1st.


Today, I sneezed and ended up in the emergency room. How? Apparently the sneeze dislodged a kidney stone that is now slowly, painfully working its way from my kidney to my bladder so that I can piss it out. FML

By work_while_bent - / Tuesday 2 June 2015 17:21 / United States - San Luis Obispo

Today, I made microwaveable popcorn. When the bag finished popping, I took it out and opened it and put my face in close to get a big whiff. It now feels like I have third degree burns inside my nose and behind my eyes. FML

By AlbertEinstein_ - / Monday 16 July 2012 19:21 / Ireland
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