By idiot bro - / Sunday 6 July 2014 18:04 / United States - Brunswick
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  extrasnipes  |  22

No, he's just flashing the light on himself to seem brighter.

By  adkim78  |  17

beat him up. Then you'll be charged with battery

By  TheVurcle  |  10

You brother is an idiot. Sorry OP, FYL

By  lord_meloetta  |  20

He is going places, probably not collage though

By  vlalam  |  24

I blame it on his genes.. lol

  Epickitty58  |  29

If it's the OP's genes that make his brother a moron, I think it may be #7's genes that make him the idiot he is today. The kind that try to use smart people words so they can sound like they went to the "collage" #6 talked about.

By  strike2867  |  13

Props to him for knowing flashlights run on electricity.

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