By Anonymous - / Monday 28 December 2010 05:03 / United States
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Man, do not do it. You've done it! You've won! She's a mess and you're obviously perfectly fine without her. I do not know why in the hell this is a FML. Except maybe for the fact that she's a crazy bitch.


its sort of an fml bcuz the op has to realise only when she's at the end of her rope does she consider being with him, which is kind of a blow to the self esteem

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This is only an FML if you're considering taking her back. Otherwise it's a "I only know realize how lucky I am to have gotten rid of her when I did!"

tell her "sorry, but u had ur chance! look where u ended up..." everything happens for a reason.. sometimes..


Actually, if you're speaking Spanish, you use periods to separate every three zeroes in big numbers instead of commas. The OP could be fluent in both and just made the mistake. Makes sense since he lives in Arizona. OP: Don't bother with her. She won't respect you at all. If she treated you like crap when she had the world on a silver platter, then what makes you think things will be different? Leave her alone and never look back. It's not up to you to "fix" her.

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