FML - The follow-up
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Alright. Where to start. 1) I submitted this FML and someone liked it so much he decided to submit it as his own with a few modifications. That's why there are comments about "daddy". 2) My son is 18 months, is developmentally challenged and just learning. He did not actually get me. 3) It is a learning fork for children which has metal, rounded prongs so it doesn't hurt if he gets you or himself. 4) I did take away his fork to which he screamed and cried. When he settled down, I gave
By Gixie - / Sunday 24 March 2013 15:56 / Ghana - Accra
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In kindergarten my brother shanked a kid with a plastic knife... His arm was cut open and had to get it stitched... All of this because the kid called my brother short. So yea plastic utensils are still dangerous.

How old is your son? I'm assuming he's young since you're teaching him how to eat with one. If that's true then I don't think you should be worried about it all that much


I don't think she should punish him. Simply take it away as soon as he does it tell him why he shouldn't do it. "It's not nice it can hurt someone" and give it back to him if he continues take it for a longer period and again tell him why. He's probably a baby the mom shouldn't act like the baby is stronger than her. Not much of an fml for me.

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