By UNmarried - / Monday 31 August 2009 18:10 / United States
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you should get a membership to a dating site and when she asks why say if she's that prepared to divorce you you should be equally prepared to find someone who isn't a total bitch


You should delete the files, that'll make all that time she spent filling them out worthless and get you some nice revenge. However if shes doing that shes probably serious, so instead you should rewrite the .pdf file to be you divorcing her, then for the reason put....well I'm sure you'll find some reason, any wife that does that sure is a bitch.


I agree with #83. You need to beat her to the punch. Be a sweetheart to her as much as possible, but get yourself a lawyer. You don't want to get taken for your stuff. Start moving the money NOW!!!


Why are FML comments so extreme? Someone looked at you funny? SUE HIM. Girlfriend made a spelling mistake? BREAK UP WITH HER. Boss told you off for a misunderstanding? QUIT AND/OR REPORT HIM TO HIGHER UPS. TV too loud? SMASH THE SPEAKERS WITH A HAMMER. Pickles too sour? THROW THEM AT THE MANUFACTURER OWNER'S FACE. Roommate stinks? MURDER HER IN HER SLEEP WITH SOAP.


Technically you're right...but she's not threatening him in any way shape or form. She didn't show him the PDF files, he FOUND them and confronted her...if he hadn't been snooping around in her computer, then he would probably never even have found out about it because she's not actually considering divorce. Maybe she really just uses that kind of thing as a form of venting, to get it out of her system...because if she was really serious they'd probably be in the middle of a divorce already sinc


No, it's wrong. She's WAITING for something to happen! If something really bad does happen, or the marriage isn't working for her anymore, she should go out and prepare divorce papers THEN! Beforehand, it's like she's expecting the marriage to fail, and that's not fair on him. Marriage is supposed to be until death. Sometimes it doesn't always work out that way, but when that happens, it's a tragedy. She's not taking the marriage seriously at all! She says she wants to do it while she's still

By  jj911

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