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Usually, you drive some friends around, stop for some fast food then later there is this horrible stench in the car and you find that they've hidden all their unfinished food say, under the back seat, those bastards.

Perdix, tell your woman to shower. Her snatch oder is covering up the moldy burrito she's got in the back seat.


You're telling me! I'm pissed that she's been hiding that moldy burrito from me. I'm hungry.

How is this an FML? You're a slob.. And you live in America.. Wow.. It must suck, blending in.. ----- I'm sorry.. Maybe a little harsh.. But in Australia, we don't eat tacos in our car.. or stash them behind the seat.. XD


I honestly don't think it matters where you live..And i bet someone eats fast food in Australia and leave ist in the car..Unless you know what everyone is doing and how there car looks like inside!


Apparently, in Austrailia, you're all godly clean, what with the pure desert soil and the obviously-not-at-all-dirty cities.

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