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Pfft. Many people pay insurance on their cars. I'm 18, just got a fairly new car and I'm paying for the gas, insurance AND the payments on it. Not every teenager is a spoiled little prick that has their parents pay for everything. How do you know this person is 17 anyway?


@40 a lot of parents co-sign on cars so the kid can buy a nice one when they have no credit even if they are over 18 so it could be his car but his moms name may be on it hence she can take out a loan


no... the OP found out that his mom had taken out a loan on their car when the repo man showed up to take his car... its confusingly worded the mom didn't take out the loan from the repo man

By  CDS09

IS that even legal? I mean I know she is your mom, but its still YOUR car...seems like that company screwed up somewhere a long the line....unless she has partial ownership for some reason you should be able to get it back....still FYL

that's just awful. how can your parent expect you to honest with them when they don't even tell you they took a loan out on your car? and no warning from her when she defaults on the loan so you have no way of preventing your car from being repo'd? I'm sorry and I hope you can get your car back.

#5, it's not neccesarily his car, for example, I'm 19 but the car's title is under my mom's name. still, obviously it's not right to do what she did to her kid.

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