By Uknowwh - / Wednesday 4 November 2009 01:12 / United States
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  pinkdancer  |  0

Your friend's 2 a cuntwad. Make sure you 2 plan to take 2 revenge out 2 on both of them at 2 their wedding eh bla blah bla 2.... See how fucking annoying all those 2s are. DO YOU SEE!?!?

  omeitsmc  |  2

Really?? What did you do??? If I were her, I would've called her up and invited both of them for dinner. Then, after eating, I'd stand up and scream "Bitch!! You traitor!!!!" Then leave them with the bill:) Oh....and don't forget to invite them to those high-class restaurants where the prices are always sky high. =))

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