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I remember back in high school I broke my right wrist on a kick off. It was the second game of the season. I was able to put a cast on that bitch, pad it up, and I was back for the third game. You'll be alright OP, if you worked this hard for it don't give up. Get healthy, keep training, get back out there and kick some ass, pal.

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While unfortunate, at least you will get better and be able to participate in the competition. A guy who went to my school was in a car crash that made him unable to use his left leg properly. Even with a year of PT, he was never able to compete again.

You don't need to bother with the first half of the competition. Once your opponents find out you have mono, they'll throw the matches before you get the chance to kiss them. Congrats in advance on your inevitable victory!

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It also sounds like a serious viral infection that saps your energy and generally makes you feel like shit. He's highly ranked because he wrestles well, not because he's a chicken shit, idiot.

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