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I don't see how this is an fml. My iPod Touch has been dropped in my pool on a few occassions (never let people borrow your iPod, especially if they are drunk) and it works just fine.


I did it worked as good as new or put the phone in a bowl full of that stuff u get in your shoe boxes it sucks up moisture :)


Well now it's clean, leave it in the pocket and shoot it through the dryer... What's the worst that could happen now? Here cone the all too literal responses.


There really is. It's by Apple and there's a tutorial to setting it up on their site. It's called "Find My iPhone". So the OP would have noticed the iPhone missing after a while...

I can't imagine dropping my iPhone in the toilet. Mine is like a 5th limb. Yes, I'm aware I'm a sad representation of todays youth..

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