By hunterjumper1212 / Thursday 24 May 2012 07:41 / United States - San Rafael
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By  KatieKupcake4195  |  9

Well, he's trying.. Maybe. Still, that doesn't sound like it pays enough for rent. FYL, OP.

  Bravesfan319  |  11

Unless it was a motorcycle or dirt bike (which I highly doubt), then I'm guessing it didn't take the roommate more than 15-30 minutes... Max. So it's pretty much like he didn't try lol

  Baustigt  |  40

OP should just do what I do to keep my thieving siblings away from my food. Install an industrial strength latch and padlock across the door, and keep the only key on your person at all times. Also, maybe some bear traps. They work too.


it was either punch babies or kick puppies. the former seemed funnier. then again my dark sense of humor is such that only a select few are desensitized to the point that to them it can be allowed to be funny.

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