By Brooklyn / Monday 5 November 2012 22:11 / United States - Newport
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  MDTeddy  |  13

I don't smoke, but go to that bitch's house and take your stuff back. Also, don't let people touch your stuff if you aren't that comfortable around them.

By  preps87  |  0

You deserve it for smoking.

  mfischer  |  17

People don't deserve to be constantly miserable for smoking. They deserve a host of medical problems and to constantly smell like an ashtray, but they don't deserve a bunch of evil shit pervading their lives.

  bonsaiboy26  |  1

Ok I don't smoke, but preps 87 that's out of line. Perhaps someone should tell you that u deserve to be treated like shit for all your life because your a tool who makes negative comments towards others to try and sound cool. Moron.

  preps87  |  0

First off, it's his grandmother. I'm sure he isn't constantly treated like crap because of his smoking, and if he is, I am legitimately sorry. But the bottom line is, if he didn't have cigarettes to steal, granny wouldn't have stolen his cigarettes.

  mfischer  |  17

I'm not defending smoking, but you realise that granny probably stole those cigarettes to smoke them, right? When you're raised by smokers, it's easy to become a smoker.

Secondly, OP is most likely female, since the cigarettes in question were taken from their purse.

  Pleonasm  |  31

25- Whaaaaaaaaat? That's a lame-ass excuse. It's like saying if X didn't have a handbag, she wouldn't have been mugged. It's not her fault.
Point is if she smokes, it's her decision and she shouldn't get any crap about, she's aware of the implications and decides to continue, ok that's her problem not ours.
Added to the fact that cigs= cash + enjoyment you paid for that you aren't getting, so, yes it does suck to have them stolen.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

People can smoke all they want. It's their choice to kill themselves with it. It's only a problem when nonsmokers have to walk through a cloud of smoke to get in a building.

  reapy  |  14

I do love these knee jerk reactions! Anything that involves a cigarette is an instant YDI, regardless of anything else that might happen in the FML.

  Jaxx66  |  21

I'm with 29 on this (I can't remember his name) but you remind me of that republican who said 'if she got pregnant from rape, she wanted it because women's bodies wouldnt let it happen otherwise'.... I smoke, and I keep away from buildings and other non smokers. I doubt they'll find me by the trash can. So no, not anyone deserves to have things stolen just because of a bad habit.

I'm sure you drink, so you deserve your alcohol to be stolen during a mugging. But remember; if you didn't have it, it wouldnt of been there to steal in the first place. Or your phone, car keys, wallet...

By  DobGriffen  |  8

Have fun explaining THAT to your parents..

  onlychildFTW  |  33

It's okay, their old.

By  Jmotore  |  3

Grandma more like theifma. Hahahahahaha

  Baustigt  |  40

God, you know I never ask for much. Except that one time I asked you to lead me not into temptation so you invented cherry strudel. You're so funny, God.
But I would appreciate your help right now. There's an asshat down here making bad puns and he could really use a smiting.

Yours faithfully,

Your best friend and long-time heretic, Baustigt

By  woainishamu  |  21

I thought grandmas were supposed to be loving to their grandchildren. Guess not

  Jaxx66  |  21

No no. All grandparents in the FML community are trolls, it's a well known fact.

To be honest, I'd go visit with a gift wrapped old purse of mine then 'have to use the restroom' before she opens it and get my money back.

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