By Anonymous / Thursday 31 March 2016 13:43 / United Kingdom
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By  PackardBell_fml  |  19

It's your grandmother. She should always be welcome.

  Zelphoric  |  25

Except when she's not. And considering she stole a key and broke into his place, I'd say she's definitely not welcome. Also, if he doesn't want his grandmother (or any other relative) in his place, that's his right.

  lexos  |  16

She is always welcome as long as she give a heads up that she is coming. I would be pretty pissed if someone goes in my house with out knowing it

  Mama4ddk  |  15

#1 I get what you're saying, my grandmother has been gone for 15 years so if I walked into my house and I saw her standing there, after I had the heart attack that this would definitely cause, I wouldn't mind how she got in and would spend the day answering whatever questions she wanted to ask. However, in normal everyday situations I would probably be pretty upset with any family member who 1, stole my emergency key from my mother for something that was not an emergency and 2, for not respecting me, my home, and my privacy enough to not call and make sure that this would be okay for them to do. To me it sounds like that's exactly what the problem is for OP, not the fact that the grandmother came to visit. OP, good luck with your grandmother and her boundary issues. Maybe you should also mention to your mother that she should find a more challenging hiding spot for your emergency key.

By  PackardBell_fml  |  19

Today, I went to my grandson's home, using my daughter's emergency key, to wish my grandson a happy 22nd birthday. He wasn't pleased to see me and when I asked him where he has been all day he took it as an insult. FML

  saxaddict122  |  14

I missed the part where OP said it was his birthday... Trespassing is trespassing. Grandmother or not, she shouldn't have invited herself over, especially not without asking.

By  coolvictori  |  22

She asked you something. You better have been polite young man! She's your grandmother!

By  Hamden824  |  23

I'd like to ask how she got the emergency keys to break in.

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