By Anonymous - / Wednesday 30 November 2011 03:13 / United States
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By  adameeo  |  21

Bad luck bud

  TheRealPeter  |  6

Nhehehehehe. My whole house burnt down when I did it. But it's ok, Meg cleaned it up.

  adameeo  |  21

I pay that

  adameeo  |  21

Totally deserved, but sometimes having a little destructive fun you can get a little lucky and maybe cause no fire damage

  katt_is_here  |  24

Maybe fire is like magic to someone from Kentucky. Just in case you are wondering, sticking a fork in the outlet can shock you, showering with a blow dryer is a bad idea, and don't eat the packets that come with stereo equipment. Oh wait...do all those things. We need to get rid of stupid people not preserve them. We don't want them to breed.

  thatssomeBS  |  9

OP is a chick. Just saying. There are a few that just assume some dumbass pyro must be a guy. My turnons: A sense of humor, a nice rack, a girl that enjoys fire as much as me, short walks on the beach followed by long $*%#s on the beach. Turnoffs: Idiots (including people that almost start their house on fire), and uglies.

  minisquid  |  9

Pyro Life Cycle 1. Learn to light matches or lighters 2. Almost kill yourself 3. Learn respect of fire 4. Move to Norfolk and join the locals in fire worship.

By  booklover428  |  19


By  amoscore  |  5

I wish there was an FML That no one Opts for Your Life Sucks.

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