By Bigbaby / Thursday 11 June 2015 22:29 / United States - Ontario
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By  Captain_Debilos_fml  |  13

You're a wimp. I watched horror movies when I was 7 and now find them boring.

  JustinJK  |  21

@7 Well I was 4 when I started watching scary movies! And I eat rusty nails and I don't tear things where packages tell me to! HA! *walks into salty spitoon*


Today, I tried to help a large, elderly nun who had slipped. She was stuck and wedged in on a concrete ramp. So I stood facing her, feet braced against hers, and pulled. Not only did I drop her, but I got a wicked view of her panties and crotch. I'm sure I'm going to hell. FML

By KarmaGirl - / Friday 11 September 2009 22:16 / United States
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