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Definitely not true . I always lie when I'm drunk. "I swear I only had two beers." "I'm not that drunk." "Just the tip." So on and so forth


Depends on the context. In bed? If you're into that. Not knowing you have a child? Nope. Handing over an alimony check? Hell naw.


Or maybe the dad's feelings were hurt because he thought OP was accusing him of being "HIGH" vs drunk. Lol

Call him Victor (unless his name is actually Victor) to annoy him! He'll soon be begging for you to call him dad again xD

By  Cads1

May be he is not your dad. Perhaps your mum cheated and got pregnant with you but he forgave her and stayed married.

sorry to hear that OP! Maybe he was just in a bad mood and had drank too much and said something he didn't mean

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