By PuppyLove2009 - / Friday 13 November 2009 18:34 / United States
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By  lostfaithinpppl  |  19

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By  perdix  |  29

You've got a dogshit mom.

YDI for hiring an incompetent for the job. You should have gotten a professional pet-sitter or taken your dog to a kennel.

How has your mom been able to withstand the smell? Maybe after a lifetime with you, the scents of decaying and decomposing dog urine and feces are not that bad.

By  Jewelofagal  |  2

Your Mom can't help that you haven't housebroken your dog. It's too much for you to expect her to give you two weeks of her time but to also clean up feces and urine.


Today, despite my best efforts to keep my new apartment clean and weeks of denying the complex has a bug problem, I came face to face with a roach in my cupboard. I swear the little bastard waved at me. FML

By jettison17 - / Thursday 28 July 2016 06:41 / United States - Chandler

Today, I faced my severe phobia of spiders in order to remove a rather large one from my home. After 20 minutes of desperate struggling, it was finally taken care of. Relieved, I sat down and glanced across the hallway just in time to see a second, equally large spider strutting across the wall. FML

By Lepisma / Wednesday 26 June 2013 07:19 / United States - College Station
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