By niki - / Thursday 10 January 2013 02:37 / United States - Long Beach
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  vencku  |  33

She ended the relationship, so it obviously wasn't working. Why should she be sad? I've heared something like this before from a friend. He dumped his girlfriend, but when moving out, she took stuff of his with her. He never asked it back, though. (Which is stupid, in my opinion. It's theft!)


#42, I don't think that's the devils advocate. Some people are not worth being upset over. SHE broke up with HIM. If he wasn't worth being upset about breaking up with him, he probably wasn't worth staying in a relationship with. I don't understand why people think everyone should be upset about every single breakup. And the fact that he stole something that she really valued out of spite shows that he probably wasn't even worth being with.

  iLuvsIt  |  40

He could have used it to clean filthy things and then left it to use in her mouth, but he didn't. I would prefer that he took it you know...well you obviously don't...

  vencku  |  40

37 - No, I don't. A relationship is something you enter voluntarily, and you should be allowed to break up without "punishment". I don't see why someone would have a right to steal your stuff because the relationship did not work out. Basically, it doesn't matter what is preferable. It's both wrong.

  crammer1  |  40

Couldn't agree more 45. Just goes to show how effed our society is because most people said she deserved it. She neither deserves having the toothbrush stolen, or having gross things done to it. She also doesn't have to stay in a relationship where she isn't happy. She obviously made the right decision because he's the kind of person that steals stuff to make himself feel better.

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