By Anonymous - / Wednesday 27 August 2014 21:50 / United States - Franklin Park
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By  Michiganfan4164  |  7

It makes an awful jerk off story and that sucks

  finnrambo  |  13

A lonely ending if it's not a circle/mutual jerk.

  kost4060  |  14

Has there ever been a good ending

Mom:hey I just found bobby jerking off

Dad:it's about time he's interested in woman I thought he was gay or something

Bobby:I'm never jerking off again

By  ahippienamedrae  |  10

Maybe wait until you know you'll actually be alone

  Leprekhaun  |  14

I've got Sony MDR-V6 Stereo Monitor headphones for a great price and they are wonderful! Flat eq since they are stereo monitor (useful for music production) and you can download audio drivers to turn up the bass on your computer or adjust whatever you want.

By  KittehFreak  |  25

Well, considering they cancel noise, and you obviously DIDN'T want to be found doing the do, you probably shouldn't have been using noise-canceling headphones.

FYL anyway though.

By  llamarrama01  |  21

No. Fucking Hand.

  Awesomeaxel  |  24

dishonored is my favorite game. your pic and name are the greatest!!

  KingAdrock  |  9

My current bedroom door didn't have a lock either. So I added one. You can get a simple hook and eye lock at any hardware store for a dollar. OP still deserves it.

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