By Anonymous - / Saturday 11 September 2010 23:15 / United States
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what??!!!!!!! WTF is wrong with them?!!! OLIVE GARDEN IS ABSOLUTELY BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say u stab em!! lol jk don't go that far but it is good. mmmmm yummy maybe cuz I'm prego but I think it's awesome!


#25 My gran does. I used to when I lived with her, and I still do sometimes. It's a personal preference, not "getting with the times"


I've never been there either, but their commercials make it look like the greatest place ever.


panchod I'm pretty sure that if their family was home they wouldn't "eff" them so why would he do that to a sandwich?

maybe they were talking about how fat you are so they didn't want you to come cuz they charge per chair you would take up 2 you lazy ass

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