By SimpleSwimmer / Tuesday 4 October 2011 16:18 / United States
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  trevishere  |  7

I may be a dude, but I hate sexist shits like you. You're sitting next to a car that's not yours acting like an idiot. Besides.. it says no where OP is a woman. Idiot. Rant over.

  zbajis  |  7

60- Cool story bro

By  Catcherchick94  |  0

That sounds like a personal problem, ask for a try out next time?

  jabfinch  |  9

You're fat, now that sounds like a personal problem. Put the fork down.

How can you sit and rag on a guy for trying to get a job?

Low life dumpster slut.

I luvu

By  missyj0  |  12

I really doubt that's the real reason they didn't hire you.

  ikickgingers  |  15

Dix, I just told my brother he makes me look like a card carrying member of Mensa - do you have my house wired, again?

Please put down the tissues, binoculars, and vaseline....

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