By Anonymous / Tuesday 4 October 2011 16:03 / United States
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  SirObvious  |  1

That bitch:)

  DoubleDose  |  0

I dont know why you thumbed 72 down, probably because you didn't get it, a female dog is on official terms called a bitch, therefore he was referring to the dog that bit the boyfriend. =)

  Jennyboo5797  |  4

OP needs to get that bitch out of her life! (Her boyfriend)

  evilplatypus  |  36

Or date the dog. It sounds like it'd make a better boyfriend.

  captainbj2  |  0

I agree...French kissing the dog was only the first step for your boyfriend....weird things on store if you stay, as drinking brings out natural tendencies...

By  Beebow_fml  |  5

Your boyfriend might be a furry lover, angered by his inability to satisfy his sexual desires with your dog.


Today, after being neutered, my dog has managed to destroy three different "cones of shame", a special (and expensive) inflatable "donut" collar, and two t-shirts used as last resorts. I've essentially spent over $100 to unsuccessfully try keep my dog from licking his crotch. FML

By AnnoyedAggie16 - / Monday 5 December 2016 09:14 / United States - Cypress
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