By Anonymous - / Thursday 26 December 2013 17:27 / United States - Bessemer
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  HalluMihar  |  8

Umm, unless you haven't read it properly, he's her HUSBAND dude. He wouldn't leave.. err would he? So much for commitment.

By  phreaker913  |  21

Its a guy thing lol. I said it too


Jokes on you, jackasses make the best husbands.

  KushCrushin89  |  10

I got the joke, but at the same time I'm tired of everyone's reaction to be "kick him in the nuts!". I mean, not all of those comments are jokes and why is it ok to just haul off and kick someone in the balls? If you hit a woman like that you'd be a criminal, but men deserve it? Let's have a little equality here.

By  Abenti  |  8

At least your boobs are large enough to be honked.

By  bbambastic  |  16

Too soon?

By  KingreX32  |  21

LOL well that's um......interesting.

By  MisterDoge  |  14

I bet he will try other methods while you are asleep.

By  Weird_situations  |  13

How endearing!! At least he's supportive

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