By calebeutsler / Sunday 11 September 2011 01:18 / United States
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  btstig  |  11

It's an event where they teach people to talk like Arnold.


Why would you put a pie in a $1000 glass case? Lol buy something from the 99 cents store to put it in.


Ohh I assumed the glass case was worth $1000. Silly me.

By  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Must've been a pie made of Chuck Norris' shit.

  enonymous  |  8

Chuck Norris would have ran around the world fast enough multiple times causing the earth to rotate backward to turn back time so this would not happen.

Oh wait no that was superman

  gojira666  |  7

How do people not like that Chuck Norris comment? I loved it.

  VickLynx  |  6

I think its the glass that's worth $1000. There's no way a pie could be that expensive.


There is a desert in New York that is $25,000 it's made with edible chocolate and the cup itself is made out of edible chocolate. There is a way for a pie to be worth $1,000. Think of all the edible delicacies from around the world..

  minisquid  |  9

Item number 115849006: A lemon meringue pie. It is contained in a pie dish made of mithril, pulled from the depths of Moria by dwarves, who fought off nameless beasts to retrieve this most precious of all metals. Bidding begins at £25.

By  sunrise1234  |  3

You shouldn't of raised your hand...

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