By JohnMackSquirts - / Thursday 19 March 2009 05:15 / United States
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By  mylifesucks_alot  |  0

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Excuse me for laughing because that really is terrible, but you have no idea how f*cking funny that is.

Still, I hope the dog is okay.

By  mylifesucks_alot  |  0

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  englandaj  |  0

me either. never liked poodles

  lizzilla8297  |  2

you all are horrible. you people that hate dogs. that's just mean and misdirected. and op for killing a little, innocent, dog.

  czyk_it  |  5

Im a dog lover. Currently have a 10 yr old black lab/golden retriever mix. She's cutest friendliest dog ever. Love spending time on walks and spoiling her with attention. Even I laughed at OPs fml. I do hope the dog is ok

  fatalkiss  |  0

lmao he kicked it out of his way, not just for fun.


  PaperCaper  |  11

It wouldn't matter if he just kicked it out of the way, but he had to FORCEFULLY kick it out of frustration. Also, apparently in the direction of a staircase.

By  Jimboom  |  11


But yea, seriously, get contacts. Or stop being an idiot and kicking balls inside the house. Just imagine, if it had been a ball it could have done a lot of damage to their things... not just their dog.

By  photographygal  |  0

all i can say is "woooooooow"

By  tehhotness  |  0

HAHA, the only way this could be better is if it flew out an open window

By  fmlplz  |  0

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By  harliedog  |  0

screw you man i love that poodle i hope someone kicks you straight in the nuts and you fall down some stairs if you a woman, i hope someone annihilates your ovaries

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