Today, as an overprotective mother, I asked my 19 year-old son, who was going to spend his day on the beach, if he’d taken any protection with him. He pulled out a box of condoms, beaming with pride. I was talking about suntan lotion. FML

By LaFrancesa - / Monday 8 July 2013 03:28 / Mexico - Chihuahua
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By  Mister_Lister  |  5

Did you cuddle with him the wrong way when he was little?

By  Arot6  |  17

I personally think it's a good thing that if he's going to have sex (and seriously, it's practically impossible to stop determined teenagers from fucking like rabbits), he's going to be doing it safely (yes, I know the condom can break, and some STDs have a chance of bypassing condoms, but it's still so ridiculously effective when used right that those possibilities shouldn't even be a major consideration).

By  Vanderdale  |  8

Do you mean..sunscreen? Suntan lotion isn't going to do anything to protect your kids skin, as far as I'm aware.

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