By PissedbythePiper - / Tuesday 11 September 2012 06:11 / United States
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It could be worse, they could have a huge gong like my previous neighbors above me had. I think everyone who came to their apartment during their many parties had to have a go at it! :(


OP, ask him to get either a "practice chanter" or a set of "Uilleann pipes" instead, both of which produce a similar but quieter sound. if he's any good he should at least have a practice chanter.


Im from four years into the future, and i can tell you the bulge was not a .44 magnum. On a related note, the bagpiper is now happily married to o.p. Didn't see that coming.


why would he wear a skirt if he's a man trying to look Scottish? We don't wear skirts here we wear kilts (or feilidh beag if you want the actual name for them).

By  Kasse

It's more annoying when your downstairs neighbour develops an insatiable appetite for one Lady Gaga song and plays it loudly on repeat all evening til 11pm and all weekend for 6 weekends and counting.

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