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For all the narrow minded people out there: plumbers do more than fix peoples toilets. Have you ever wondered how the water magically appears at your kitchen faucet? Or the sprinkler systems in buildings? Or even how the gas gets to your stove or fireplace? Fixing a toilet is just .05% of our trade. Smarten up people


I don't think having a degree (for everyone) is about how much money you are going to make. I already knew when I started my studies that a degree in literature is pretty much useless job/money wise. However I am happy to have a high level of education, I feel better equipped to have intelligent and interesting discussions with people, and I have a much better analytical mind now. I have a masters degree, I work part time in a not very well paying, no education needed job, while paying down

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You should be an elevator repair woman. It's one of the highest paying jobs, I heard. It's my backup plan if I don't become a lawyer, astronaut, or scientist. ;)

Another victim of the government propaganda campaign. Tip for all people still deciding what to do with their lives, trades make a lot of money, will always be needed, and typically spend less of education than people with degrees. So long as we're using electricity, we'll need electricians, if you want to drive a car, at some point you'll probably need to see a mechanic about it, and if you like having interior water you're going have to accept plumbers. Yeah, it may not have the impact at a ba

Don't worry about it. You'll make enough money to support yourself and you'll be a lot happier than a guy who spends his days with his head in other people's toilets.

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