By housedoctor - / Saturday 22 February 2014 11:01 / United Kingdom - Sheffield
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By  hockeygoalie13  |  14

Well then it's a good thing your husband is not an interior designer because it seems like he's bad at recognizing what is beautiful.

  airhead2015  |  18

I feel like he had not of a "You've gotta be kidding me" expression. Not trying to be bashing on women, but I know a lot of women remodel the house and frequently buy new things for the house (like my mom and my 2 aunts, houses are always remodeling), but I could be wrong, OP is OP, not my mom/aunts.

By  DedicatedNova  |  13

Well you better do something. Don't want him to throw you out like an old toilet.

  caohm  |  18

Hmmm I've never actually seen anyone throw out their own toilet. it's sounds difficult and may take a lot of time and money like a divor oh I see!!

By  thestrangedude  |  10

He's a man which means either

A) he's taking the piss

B) he wasn't listening to you

  zxglle6382  |  10

I'm pretty sure since he was looking OP in the eyes he wasn't taking a piss (unless he just enjoys taking pisses on floors), and I don't see how having a husband who doesn't listen to you would be much comfort.

  threer  |  30

Wow, that wasn't the least bit sexist.

By  hockeygoalie13  |  14

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By  UnidentifiedFun  |  37

Wow, what an ass - time for a talk

By  WCARlover  |  34

It's sad to me that there are so many married people that do things like this. Makes me fear getting married just in case I start to feel that same way...or my husband starts feeling that way D:

  I_cant_think  |  10

HE'S SO FAT THAT HE CAUSES YOU TO ORBIT HIM?!?!? That would be fun during sexy times.

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