By dsbass09 / Saturday 9 July 2011 05:59 / United States
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  myxcure  |  2

Exactly, tired of these people dropping 6 figures on a degree and with no experience, they expect the top job. Regardless of your school YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!! Jeez.

  the_hypnotoad  |  5

During undergrad, the vet students would always warn us about this possibility. They would say: " if you don't absolutely have passion for it, don't be a veterinarian. You will come out of school hundreds of thousands in debt, making ~$40K IF you land a job"
It's rough out there and OP should've known the stats if this was, indeed, her passion.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@98 not true at all, you shouldnt be on MINIMUM WAGE after graduation.
nobody said anything about the 'top job' but theres a lot of in betweens that dont fit into the top job or minimum wage category you daft fool.

  folfin  |  0

I kinda say op deserves it. I don't think id spend that much on a job that's not really in demand now and doesn't have much prospect of being in demand later.. but even still it's done so I feel sprry for you.

  September_fox  |  2

#157, do you know what a vet is? It's a doctor for animals. How is that not in demand? Anyone who has a pet needs to take them to a vet regularly. OP is obviously new to the field and needs to figure out how to get to where she wants to be, that doesn't mean the job is not in demand.

OP, you should think about an apprenticeship and after that open your own practice. If you are knowledgeable about them, you should think about accepting small animals and birds as well as the typical dogs and cats. There aren't as many small animal vets around. For example, I have to drive an hour and a half to take my conure to an avian vet because there isn't one in my town.


^ Lol! It wasn't the comment that got thumbed down, it was the fact that you're a child molestor. We go by the same rules as that of a prison around here. Get used to it cuz it's going to happen to all of your comments from here on out pal.


Btw, do you tell girls you have cancer for sympathy sex? If not then I'd definitely get on that. All you have to do is show them your creepily long tongue after and the deal is sealed. Creep.

  Sharnaaaaa  |  0

oh yay ive been mistaken as a child molester. :)

Btw I'm a girl. and I dont see why a comment has to be imaginary? I would naturally say "ouch" in rl. of course with a bit of sympathy and a hug. but I'm not gonna be e-hugging

btw #43 being a creep is my way of life. I love freaking people out and making them feel uncomfortable. and it's not my fault I have a long tongue, I'm quite happy with it.

  TheCountess  |  4

Seriously, VinegarStrokes? You must hang around some unusual child molesters (or maybe be one yourself? They do say it takes one to know one) if you honestly think that this 14 year old GIRL even remotely resembles a child molester. I suspect, however, that you are simply trolling and you absolutely suck at it. You'll have to do better next time.


WTF is wrong with 43? The commentor is a GIRL and she doesn't have cancer, so she clearly isn't going to use it to pick up girls. She has alopecia, which if I'm not mistaken causes you to lose your hair. I hope you feel like a douche 43, and you're probably going to hell if you keep saying obscene shit like that.

By  taticalnNinja  |  5

[insert shitty jokes here]

  swampdog  |  0

wow that sucks. I am in IT. I never went to college, make better than $56k a year and owe less than that on my home with no other expenses.

By  Jamialia  |  5

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  fthislyfe  |  22

#152: you're an ignorant douchebag who doesn't know anything from what's happening in the world. Google "Tehran" and see it looks way better than where you live dumbass.

  kai_ngo  |  0

It shows op has a passion for their desires profession and loves the field. I'm sure if you really wanted to be a vet tech with prestigious merits in college, then you would spend 200K on classes for eight years also.

  TheCountess  |  4

No vet tech training would take eight years and cost $200,000. OP is probably referring to four years of college + four years of veterinary school to train as an actual veterinarian, not a technician.

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