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It's a perpetuated. People tend to use alcohol/drugs to cope with their mental health, which ends up making their symptoms worse, turning to increased amounts of drug/alcohol use.

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I wish that my name was Ricky Bob Jilly Bon Kazula. Anyways, why would a homeless woman tell you to get a job? Was she encouraging you to do the thing she never did? Maybe she was actually being polite, you ruthless, cold-hearted bastard. You are so ungrateful for what you have. You actually have a woman coming up to you and giving you a reason to actually do something with your life. Selfish, ungrateful pig. I hope you burn in that one place that the ignorant Christians call hell when your 'Soul' is finally released from it's horror, into a torment greater than the human mind can comprehend. JK!!!!!! I

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Continuation of that last comment. It stopped at 'I'. I was saying "I love text talk! It is so much fun to abbreviate simple words, rather than add the extra three words and make it legible."

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