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Today, a friend complimented me on my "smoky eyeshadow". I wasn't wearing eye makeup. She was complimenting the result of my insomnia. FML

By Tired - / Wednesday 2 October 2013 16:22 / United Kingdom - Bexhill
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By  blinked_281  |  29


  Booda_Shun  |  28

#27 That's a vicious cycle...

  negb  |  30

Hey OP, at least they didn't realized they were eye bags. I have a sleeping disorder and genetically has eye bags and there is no way I could pull it off as eye makeup.

By  FezzesAreCool  |  18

Ow that sucks :/

By  Saywat145  |  17

Get some sleeping pills maybe.

  isallwaysme  |  27

i also have insomnia. i take a medication called melatonen, that really helps me sleep well, i tried a few things before sleeping pills, but nothing worked as well. sometimes pills are the best thing if it keeps you functioning properly.

By  jrock9093  |  18

Well that sucks but there is some herbal teas or hot milk or even medication that can make you sleep even just Benadryl or night quill

  bellydancer82  |  15

I have insomnia, Benadryl is cheap and works for me. My doctor said it works better on some people than sleeping pills.
Or wine, if you can't handle alcohol too well then a glass should do.


12, I think cute was a typo for cure. She wasn't saying anything about cute or adorable. If you were being tongue in cheek, then meh.

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