By CaptainFluffyPaw - / Monday 29 June 2015 01:59 / United States - San Francisco
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By  Rented_eyebrows  |  18

Ooh shiit.. I made it big shout out to my mum and dad thank you for everything.. Wooop woop 1st

By  Cads1  |  24

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  ZacPalmer  |  12

The whole point of the FML is to show how the customer complained about the order bring wrong because of a small child ordering it. So it wasn't their mistake, it was the child's for ordering it wrong. You're a different kind of stupid.

  Cads1  |  24

I think the same as #13. But strange that the order could be wrong when it had to be payed for. When the child came back with the wrong change don't you think that would have been a cue for the parents to check on the order? Or by some random freak of nature he got the order wrong but it still equaled the correct amount.

  toaster87  |  19

I doubt the parents counted up exactly how much everything was going to cost, included taxes and knew exactly how much change they were due back... They probably just gave the kid $20 and said go order this this and this!

  logicnazi  |  18

#14, #2 is clearly joking. You're incredibly ill-witted for someone who is so incredibly sure of him/herself.
I think everyone got the FML just fine. Or at least, #2 clearly did and was just responding "sure... Blame it on the kid."

  tantanpanda  |  26

#14, it's CLEARLY OBVIOUS that #2 was not joking. The lol and referring to OP as responsible is clearly sarcasm. Since #2's implying OP Isn't responsible, he thinks OP is to blame and #14 is justified in his response.

By  BlueXephos  |  10

Rules of Customer Service:

Rule 1: The customer is always right.
Rule 2: If you think the customer is wrong, please check rule #1.

  tdawg91  |  17

The motto has changed in recent years, it's now "the customer is usually an asshole or an idiot but smile and nod anyway incase they sue or put up a yelp review "

By  AbtractAngela  |  17

It was obviously the kid's fault. Of course 10 year olds are incapable of remembering a simple fast food order. What kind of parent would dare tell their child what to order then trust their kid with the responsibility of not getting it wrong?

  brand125  |  17

the point is the child ordered wrong and the parents blamed it on the op. as someone who works customer service, its annoying to be chewed at all the time for things that arnt your fault. especially when the customers are hard to understand and order incorectly (in this case its a kid who couldnt handle the task and the parents are the ones bwing annoying, but for me its seniors who are senile and litterly forget to ask for something then claim they did. im not a mind reader)

  Ruffneck101  |  12

Completely agree. Back in highschool I had a child come and get food from our store, only for the father to come back 45 minutes later with the food completely untouched and began scolding us for giving "cold" food. The lack of common sense with some people is unbelievable.

By  Tournesol143  |  28

Tip for future scenarios like this: repeat the order back to them and get them to confirm.

If it's a ten year old kid I would even suggest giving them the itemised receipt after they confirm and telling them to show it to their parents.

One other point: the ten year kid had to pay for the order when he made it, right? So how far off could it be?

  toaster87  |  19

More than likely the kid or OP forgot to remove items off what was ordered/add items on to what was ordered, but for the most part, at fast food places, most items are similarly priced, and the order could have been way off.

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