By Idiot - / Saturday 18 February 2017 19:51 / United States - Anchorage
By Squid - / Saturday 18 February 2017 11:34 / Canada - Parksville
FML - The follow-up
allherenotthere Say more :
OP here. Trust me, that was the first and last time I'll let a guy pick me up to go on a date. I'll admit, I'm kind of new to the Tinder thing, and it was slightly spontaneous, so that's why my phone wasn't charged. It was drained from a day of college classes, for those who are wondering. I think the sting of getting ditched for the first time was a little worse than having my charger stolen.
By whhhhyyyyyyy - / Tuesday 7 February 2017 10:20 / United States - Vallejo
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