FML - The follow-up

Today, my boyfriend said he's in love with another woman and is leaving me. This wouldn't be as bad if I weren't seven months pregnant. FML

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OP here. First of all thank you all for your kind support it was nice to see so many positive comments :) He will be involved in our child's life and I agree with all of you who have commented that it's better that this happened now than later and possibly behind my back. We're working things out :)
By bytemuch - / Monday 17 July 2017 15:04 /
By Anonymous - / Friday 14 July 2017 21:30 / Italy
By "liisiuu" - / Thursday 13 July 2017 05:00 /

Today, it's my birthday. My boyfriend gave me a squeaky dog toy because "I don't know why, but it made me think of you." FML

By rupture-imminente - / Wednesday 12 July 2017 21:00 / France
By Anonymous - / Monday 10 July 2017 21:00 / Argentina
FML - The follow-up
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Hey guy and girls, OP here. As someone mentioned drinking age is different in Germany. Roughly speaking: Beer and Wine at the age of 16, the hard stuff at 18. So don't worry about me being an underage drinker ;) they probably thought so since i had someone over before, when they were gone, but always told them. They're cool with it though. Also i definitely do not have an alcohol problem. Actually...
By Sonofaquiche - / Friday 30 June 2017 22:00 / Germany - Gochsheim
By Anonymous - / Thursday 29 June 2017 21:00 / Italy
FML - The follow-up
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Hey guys, OP here. Just to explain a little more, he got the position because it's a mechanic one, and he had a bit more experience than me (but only because his dad showed him some basic mechanic skills, and mine didn't... see the problem?) I think part of it also has to do with me being a girl and my parents don't think it's "proper" for a girl to be a mechanic. Anytime I try to talk to them they...
By improudbutreally - / Thursday 29 June 2017 12:21 /
By Anonymous - / Wednesday 28 June 2017 01:44 /
By kill me - / Tuesday 20 June 2017 04:00 /
FML - The follow-up

Today, I found out that my divorced father is moving 3 houses down the street with his girlfriend, with whom he cheated on my mom. He will now be living 3 houses away from my mother. FML

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Hey guys OP here, i cant believe this got featured especially as incoherent as i thnk it is. To answer some questions i do kinda wish that they would get back together but it really was a mess of a family. As pathetic as it sounds i am living with my gf and her family since my mother, who knows that he is going to live there, currently lives with her mother and its rather packed. The house my father...
By Anonymous - / Monday 19 June 2017 08:41 / United States - Spring Hill
By limeñaconmalasuerte - / Saturday 17 June 2017 21:00 / Peru
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