By stelssy - / Saturday 26 January 2013 05:03 / United States
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By  cazbar  |  2

It was meant to b lol

  shan88  |  14

Instead of turning it off, is anyone else wondering how you "accidentally" turn a shower on?

  shan88  |  14

I don't have a shower like that, and a lot of people I know don't have showers like that.
There is usually two sets of taps

By  frecktured  |  14

Getting yourself used to shitting in the showers?

  Migole  |  36

That would be an immediate YDI though... For reading a kindle while water can come near it. That's like placing your drink next to your mouse ...

  VampTat  |  10

He meant a computer mouse... It's not the mouse he would have to be worried about though, but the actual keyboard itself, or computer if you're using a laptop. I shouldn't judge though because I have beverages and food near my computer all the time too.

By  kenoswild  |  14

was it fifty shades of grey? if so, fyl indeed.

  kenoswild  |  14

because if it was 50 shades, she probably was aroused until the book went in the toilet, killing any sexual arousals she had, so f her life.

By  LovesSushi  |  25

At least it was just one book and not a kindle or a nook.

By  Dcm210  |  19

Why do people read in the tub? Take a shower and go back to life.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

Some people also have a hard time taking showers - I have lupus, which comes with wonderful arthritis that makes things like standing up for half an hour trying to wash my hair and shave my legs extremely painful and irritating. If I soak in a tub? Joint swelling goes down, and I can rinse my hair with the shower attachment.

(I also have a reading rack - if I don't read during a bath I will probably fall asleep, and that is not the best of plans).

  Sputnikspak  |  13

I've found cheap inflatable ones at the dollar store before, but you could probably find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think I got my last one at Target.


In the U.S. everyone must leave the toilet open at all times. It is considered very unlucky to close the lid. Also, for homes with animals the lids must remain in case of air conditioning outages so their pets are able to get a drink in the hot summer months. That is normal. What part of the planet are you from?


#40 you just got me thinking. Somewhere, at some time in the world, someone was probably so drunk, stoned, or tired that they "did their business" on the toilet with the lid closed.

Can you imagine having to clean that? Let alone explain that someone else. Lol

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