By grosstoenail - / Wednesday 13 July 2016 05:04 / Canada - Courtice
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By  AlysoninAlaska  |  19

Priorities, toenails are important. Missing ones are even more important. On a more serious note, sorry you missed out on sales OP. Better luck next time.

By  kristergirl  |  13

How do you TOElerate that???

  RabbitOfAurora  |  28

It might be less of a "their parents faild to teach them etiquette" and more of a "this person has a social disibility" (like aspergers) and they just didn't realize.

  ImTheAlpha  |  30

I am autistic and have lost several toenails, not once did it occur to me to show random strangers my lost toenail. I'm pretty sure even we realize that's totally grody.

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