By RDMdragoon - / Monday 13 July 2009 11:16 / United States
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  spoo  |  23

DONT DELETE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE ACCOUNT, CHECK THE INTERNET FOR SAVED PASSWORDS. with Firefox tools-options-security- saved passwords I dont know how to find this with IE. Burn her cheating hide

By  Sandstorm_fml  |  0

Fake. I just moderated one exactly the same but with information that wouldn't have been forgotten. The other one read something like, "Today, while deleting my ex-fiance's account off my computer, I saved her pics. I found one of her with her now boyfriend in our bedroom. It was dated the night before i proposed. FML I think someone just made this up, then figured out something more FML, so they added it and resubmitted it.

  fyourlife33  |  0

i have actually seen the op comment on their own fml once, it has like a special symbol showing its the op.. but i dont know why its not more common, it seems like they would be interested in people's comments

By  avalanche719  |  0

who cares if its fake? most of these probably are. we'll never know the truth. its hilarious and it doesnt matter. get off your high horse, stop being such a douche, and just enjoy life. This website is to make yall laugh. nothing more, nothing less.

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