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DONT DELETE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE ACCOUNT, CHECK THE INTERNET FOR SAVED PASSWORDS. with Firefox tools-options-security- saved passwords I dont know how to find this with IE. Burn her cheating hide


dude you should do something similar to this guy http://www.ihateyounatalie.com/?id=1735104 absolutly genius ;D

Fake. I just moderated one exactly the same but with information that wouldn't have been forgotten. The other one read something like, "Today, while deleting my ex-fiance's account off my computer, I saved her pics. I found one of her with her now boyfriend in our bedroom. It was dated the night before i proposed. FML I think someone just made this up, then figured out something more FML, so they added it and resubmitted it.


i have actually seen the op comment on their own fml once, it has like a special symbol showing its the op.. but i dont know why its not more common, it seems like they would be interested in people's comments

who cares if its fake? most of these probably are. we'll never know the truth. its hilarious and it doesnt matter. get off your high horse, stop being such a douche, and just enjoy life. This website is to make yall laugh. nothing more, nothing less.

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