By pinks - / Wednesday 2 September 2009 02:17 / United States
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  thewonkits  |  0

Besides, culturally speaking, America shouldn't be counted as one country, it should be counted as 50. Each state has it's own laws, culture, etc. etc. And each state is about the size of the average European country... So if you're going to generalize, at least do it by state when talking about the U.S.

  ilg4evr  |  0

well...i care about the possible disses. like...i mean if you knew no one would care, why post it? and even if we cared, how do we know anything about you in order to praise who you are? lol i'm sorry...it's just like when people are like "I MODDED THIS ONE"....ehhh oh well, it's cool that you did it


why do people feel the need to tell others how to parent? it didn't say she Fed him the chips.....and anything in the wrong amounts is "bad" including fruit and veggies! Can't teach em to young what moderation is.... but future reference NO BODY wants parenting advice from strangers and very rarely from family unless solicited..... there is no manual on parenting but since you seem to know the perfect way you could publish it and hand it to new mom's.


Today, my 5 year old lactose intolerant daughter decided to have some chocolate. The result: me cleaning the bathroom walls at 3am, finishing at 4:30am, and then start cleaning again at 5am when her stomach contents decided I had missed a spot. FML

By Widespread - / Wednesday 18 November 2009 08:43 / Australia

Today, as I was picking up my 5-year-old brother from school, he hugged a girl from his class to say goodbye. His classmate's mom and I looked at each other, thinking it was adorable, until my brother decided to dry hump the side of his classmate's thigh. FML

By TheKingKen - / Wednesday 2 July 2014 00:33 / Australia - Perth
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