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Fuck exterminators. My buddy lived in some crack den like place and the roaches were huge. We dealt with em with a bottle of axe body spray and a lighter. I am not recommending this..or am I liable for your dorm catching fire, but it sure is fun.

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And the Oscar goes to.... #53 for most dramatic performance . Seriously, if you disagree with a comment there's a button for that. There's no need for the theatrics.

Try cleaning up the place a little more thoroughly. Don't leave your food laying around and the bugs should disappear. If that doesn't work have professional help like an exterminator.

I'd call someone higher up than the front desk. Sounds like someone is just being lazy and doesn't want to bother calling. Might want to provide documentation for proof as well.

When I lived in florida, I learned that cockroaches can fly. I had one in my house, even my fearless australian cattle dog who would normally kill a bug when he sees one, was freaked out.

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