By Anonymous / Saturday 12 November 2011 23:04 / United States
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  SillyFart  |  7

Seriously look at all of these shitty comments they're all the same (no pun intended)

  2ndSucks  |  15

Thanks 51, for pointing out what has already been stated about 34 times.

By  bgibbz  |  15

That's a shitty situation.

By  bubo_fml  |  10

Shitty situation...(Someone had to start it!)

By  rcloca  |  10

You have just been... pottyfied!

  Decapitation  |  3

The room you're in isn't a porta-potty it's actually a room equipped with a tank of poisonous gas, waiting to go off. You will also see a box of laxatives to your left. The key to your escape was hidden in your lunch. You have 60 seconds. Let the game begin.

By  zoPwNAgEzo  |  21

That's why I hold my shits in

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