By -__-" / Sunday 29 September 2013 05:45 / United States - Vancouver
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  smiley1014  |  23

Am I the only one that pictures the person who saved her waiting for a thank you? And then thinking that the OP was just an idiot and that's why they said they should have just left them? Not that the OP was ugly?

  thecrazymancan  |  17

Either this guy has a problem with "ugly" people, or he places far too much value on thank yous. After all wouldn't you take a while to process what just happened before thinking to thank someone?

  threer  |  30

#50, are you inferring that OP is female because 'she' needed saving?

By  jixiekat  |  14

hahaha at least he saved ur life

  jixiekat  |  14

no I don't for YOUR information can't you read text speak

By  WhaleFMlThen  |  6

Whale then. I would have pushed him infront of a cab.

  Cazz91  |  21

How do you know if OP was a girl? OP could have been a guy that was saved by that person. It doesn't show if OP was female or male on this FML (unless its not showing through the mobile app for some reason).

By  jayceejaco  |  15

I would've replied "you should have taken my place"

  threer  |  30

Is it necessary to put 'women' in there? It was one girl and her gender has no influence on her logic, you dick.

By  iSativa  |  24

Damn stranger. Coulda got a lot of money from that lawsuit. FYL.

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