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hate to be the bearer of bad news but that means said person got married :( but hey we can pretend right?


Saying you took an arrow to the knee does not actually mean they got married. The question was posed to the man who made that line, he meant a literal arrow hit then in the knee, causing serious and irreparable damage, causing then to be a guard.

I cringed, mostly because I've dislocated my patella 3 times already, and am now in need of surgery to fix the problem - so I know the pain ALL too well. Hope you recover quick OP.

At least now you can look badass when you tell all your friends. When my older sister went skiing, she flew straight into a snow drift and cowered there for the rest of the day, while streams and streams of small children skied past her. Nothing badass about that story.


#35 Maybe it's just me, but I think it's completely different and you shouldn't compare naming a snowman after a member of your family and naming a disease after the scientist who discovered it. Just my opinion :)

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