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By  hardcorefan16  |  20

Well your not going to get anywhere if your lazy

By  JosephKorso  |  15

People who lack motivation tend to blame others for their problems because it's easier than changing something about themselves. Don't worry about him too much, OP.

  Algorithm  |  24

Yeah, this is his ego defending itself from having to consider why he might've been passed over for the promotion. Incidentally, that may also be part of WHY you got it instead, OP: if he deflects like this for six months, it's not a one-time incident. One of the most unappealing employees is than the person who thinks every issue is someone else's fault and treats their own mistakes accordingly.

  Comrox  |  18

It's really sad that everyone is assuming the coworker is male... Nowhere in this FML did OP mention a "he." For all we know, the coworker is female. Would the replies still be the same?

  Setareh23  |  34

I admit I assumed it was a guy at first, because I figured if the coworker thinks and accuses OP of getting the promotion due to an advantage like sleeping with the boss, then it must be an advantage he felt he was not able to have (due to being a 'he'). But you're right, maybe the coworker is a woman who is less attractive than OP, or/and is just really bitter and bitchy, or perhaps OP has a better relationship with the boss so she just assumed, etc...

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