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OP here, many thanks to those that saw the humor in this! For those that think "YDI", you should know that this happened a VERY long time ago and my kids have all grown up to be successful adults with rich fulfilling lives...
By chillnhill - / Friday 11 September 2015 02:31 / United States - Shippensburg
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  spencer4148  |  20

It's spelled argument. There will be no butts in this argument!

  interesting33  |  35

I don't know. It was a funny line #1 made - clever :) But I don't think #28 was out of line correcting them. Most of the time the fml community is all over spelling mistakes

  conman531  |  22

#28, there will be no grammar Nazis in this thread

  derangedplanet  |  23

My favorite is shit hole. my younger sister looked at me once and said "you literally just called me a toilet" and any anger that existed was drowned out to dying laughter.

By  alphafish17  |  16

I'd be mad too if I found out I married a 12 year old

By  hellnosucka  |  27

it will be a great childhood memory for them.

By  Schala360  |  26

Cause Murica


That is the second time this week someone from South Africa has said that, or maybe it was you both times. Regardless, it seems you've forgotten the political, education, and health problems in your own country. You also have plenty of idiots, like the girl who faked suicide because her mother bought her an android instead of an iPhone. Don't stereotype people.

By  americanafrican  |  32

that is epic. why be mad at that

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