By SadBride - / Tuesday 8 September 2015 00:39 / United States
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

no not good luck, OP you need to tell them no. Thats a very special time together, to be alone and in love, to bond as husband and wife! If they are there you will lose something intangible but very important. Find a way to say no, nicely but firmly. If they dont budge, take your spouse to a nearby island, cause really thats beyond intrusive and again its important to be ALONE together

  taterrtots  |  25

agreed #18, honeymoons are specifically meant for the bride and groom. that's like the whole point. it's nice (not really) that the in-laws want to come along, but no. this is your and your new spouse's time to shine.

  koganti  |  18

#24 she assumed that married couple was lesbian and not gay :p

  rockninja  |  17

actually her husband or wife should say something about that. I mean is he or she okay with his her parents coming to their honeymoon? I would flip the shit out

  Ms_ValS  |  27

Just tell your husband that it's fine and that you love spending time with his parents. But make sure he knows that this honeymoon doesn't count.

By  AyeTee77  |  18


  zfigs  |  0

Ohhh boy, thay would be one lame honeymoon if there were no baby making taking place.

By  countdini2000  |  13

Did they incest you let them come?

  AyeTee77  |  18


By  urbanbigfoot  |  20

Your in-laws are a couple swingers huh?

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