By 919191 - / Monday 18 August 2014 13:26 / New Zealand - Christchurch
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  tukies  |  28

To be perfectly honest that was where I thought this FML was going. After I finished reading it I just went well it could have been a lot worse.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

Noodle? Man, I learned that one far too early. Ever since I was two years old, I've been slowly falling prey to the Japanese culture. My second word was "kawaii" and it's just gone downhill from there...


Yeah shoot... That'd have been pretty funny if it was:P

  baseballbv  |  17

He did it for the Vine.

  boredSOLDIER  |  33

It's apparent you're not a parent.

By  woainishamu  |  21

That's gnarly!

By  A07  |  47

The kid is 2 years old, i'm pretty sure No is just a word to her.

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