By Wlanla - / Sunday 2 August 2015 11:39 / Romania - Bacau
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  Jowisee  |  29

And make sure your spouse knows about it too, you need to nip attitude problems like that in the bud. Is there an issue because of his real dad? Perhaps he's encouraging bad behaviour towards you.

By  baileybrooke13  |  15

Is he supposed to be accurate sitting down..?

  MandieL  |  27

I know a lot of boys (men) who pee sitting down. Lots of wives make their husbands so that the wife doesn't have to clean up the "splash" on the walls and floor. I'm not one of these wives btw.

  pokemyeyes  |  23

If he was 2 op wouldnt be referring to him as satans spawn, from this we can deduce that he is older and a shithead

By  ryannmichael  |  17

Lock him in the bathroom at night. Problem solved

By  sgdigaetano  |  3

And what did his father have to say about all this?

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