By Anonymous / Monday 14 January 2013 10:06 / Australia
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Well, depending on the mom's sense of humor, and/or topic of conversation, it could be hilarious, or the most cheesiest thing ever.


If she commits to it, I suggest he cease talking to her inside the house. Instead he should text her everything, and she's bound to stop... Unless she posts their texts as well. D:


I think this is just a very clever way of Mum getting the nest cleared of her too old to be still at home kids. How old are you OP?


Forget that. I'd go pantsless even if I had company, let alone a few creepy people watching me on the internet. Nobody should ever feel forced to wear pants in their own home. If people don't like, don't look.

That's what she TOLD you, but I imagine she really wants to make sure you're not jerkin' it at the computer. Coming home to a crusty desktop would probably push me to do the same.

Please send us the link when she sets it up!!! Oh I truly do feel for you though. Say goodbye to fapping

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