By acneface - / Wednesday 21 October 2009 06:59 / United States
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By  DemonicAngel151  |  0

Edit: First...sorry had to do it.

By  perdix  |  29

Later, your English teacher will use your misspelling of symmetry to point out. . . nothing, really, just to humiliate you in front of the whole class.

Wash your face and learn to spell (or use a spell-checker.)

  realggirl  |  0

Really, #6!? Really!? "Wash your face?" Do you honestly not think that if just by washing their face people could get rid of acne ANYONE would still have it?

This FML isn't funny at all, just sick. Report that teacher; that is not right.

By  JassyJas  |  2

what an a hole!!! I would tell my parents to call the school and get that freaking teacher I'm trouble. teachers always listen to parents theyr scared of them I think

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