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Hey guys, OP here. Posted this before I made a username. I didn't actually place her on my shoulder, I was sitting on the couch letting her run around next to me and she decided to climb up my chest and onto my shoulder. Suddenly I heard this weird crunching sound next to my head and I picked her up and saw the clump of hair hanging out of her mouth! Then it was like playing tug-of-war with a dog. She would NOT let go. I didn't think I'd have to pull as hard as I did just to pull something out of a guinea pig's mouth lol! I didn't want her getting sick so I put her back in her cage and threw the hair in the garbage.
By brittyed - / Monday 25 March 2013 05:04 / United States
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Ya I apologize for my stupidity, FML

By  bReLiNg  |  18

And here we see the exotic guinea pig. Lets see what we can to to provoke her! Oh she's angry! Look at her munch away at that hair!

  chrisp87  |  11

That was not funny at all

By  fmyluff  |  7

That's a hairy situation!!

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